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*This is the only Northern show Ovlov will play, and their first time in the UK*

Ovlov is a band hailing from Newtown, Connecticut. With their unique blend of indie rock and shoegaze, they have gained a dedicated following in the music scene. Known for their raw and emotive sound, Ovlov's music resonates with listeners on a deep level. 

They get comparisons to Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh tossed in their direction, and while those elements were certainly present in their sound, Ovlov always let catchy emo pop hooks slip, into the mix too. On their third album, Buds, those pop elements are more pronounced than they’ve ever been before.

“I would like to think that the songs on this album are all pop songs at the core,” says Steve Hartlett, the band’s songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist. On first blush, Buds won’t shock longtime Ovlov fans, but on repeat listens, those fuzzy, crushing guitars start to feel less like the central focus and more of a delivery system for Hartlett’s grander ambitions. “For the past few years, the number of rock bands I’ve been listening to has grown smaller and smaller,” says Hartlett. “Unfortunately, it’s the only genre and style I’ve ever really felt comfortable writing. That’s probably mostly because I write everything on a guitar. Don’t get me wrong, I love rock music—there’s nothing more satisfying than playing an E chord through a Big muff as loud as the amp will go—I just want to slowly progress into writing the most perfectly poppy of pop songs.”

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Tuesday 19th March 2024

Price: £16.50 Adv. (stbf)

Doors 19:30

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