The Brudenell Social Club (outside). Photo credit: Sam Saunders The Brudenell Social Club (concert room). Photo credit: Charys Ellmer The Brudenell Social Club (concert room). Photo credit: Nicole Horrorette

About The Brudenell Social Club

The Brudenell is a lively and fun loving venue that embraces music and art under a wide and diverse umbrella that has no boundaries.

Our open music policy believes in freedom and creation and holds the belief that music and expression provide useful social interaction.

The Brudenell has been in the past most famous for hosting secret gigs for bands like Franz Ferdinand and the Kaiser Chiefs. However, it has been a centrepiece of the Leeds music scene for a number of years, and hosts events most nights of the week, which are put on by a variety of local promoters, covering a wide spectrum of genres.


The name Brudenell is said to come from the family of James Thomas Brudenell, who owned Kirkstall Abbey after it ceased to be a monastery in 1539. James Thomas Brudenell was also the Earl of Cardigan. This connection explains why many roads in the Hyde Park area of Leeds are named Cardigan and Brudenell, and therefore how the Brudenell itself got its name.

The Brudenell Social and Recreational Club has a long and varied history and was formed on December 8th, 1913, it bought its first premises and current land shortly afterwards where it is still located today.


The Brudenell is not just about music... facilities include: a lounge, Games Room with Snooker Table, 5 Pool Tables, Darts, Table Football, two large concert room, Sky TV and BT Sport showing all the live sports in HD.

We serve quality local cask and world speciality craft ales that sit alongside well known and accessible brands, all at a fair price.

We also have other local groups whom are situated here including Photography, Film and even Origami groups meet on regular occasions.

Photo credits: Sam Saunders (1st), Charys Ellmer (2nd) & Nicole Paciello (3rd)

Brudenell Social Club Limited

Registered Address: 33 Queens Road, Leeds, LS6 1NY

Company Reg: IP031372 

VAT reg: 21233953

Brudenell News

  • Be Kind // Re-opening Statement

    Be Kind // Re-opening Statement

    Friday 16th July 2021

    On the whole, we want our message to convey that there is a need for a level of personal responsibility, compassion and kindness for each other that essentially helps us all. We appreciate your continued support.

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