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Brudenell Covid-19 Update - December 2021


Following the recent updates and new guidance from the Government surrounding Covid-19 and events, we thought it would be worth updating this a little.


We request that all audience members take a Lateral Flow test before attending an event here at The Brudenell. While we will not require proof of this, we feel it’s important for all to co-operate with this to ensure we are keeping our staff, customers & performing artists as safe as possible during this difficult time.
We also ask that all customers bring a mask with them to the venue. Although it is not mandatory to wear a mask at all times, we request that customers wear a mask when at the bar. Some of our staff are awaiting their booster and we want to keep these key members of the team as safe as possible.
As we are a venue under 500 capacity, the new rules brought in this December do not apply to us, meaning we will not require Covid Passports and mask wearing is not mandatory. This means that currently, all of our events will still be taking place unless you are notified otherwise. 
As always, we would like to remind people to be kind to those around you. We understand that everybody is in a different place with the pandemic and believe it is important to look out for one another in these uncertain times. 

If an event is cancelled for any reason, all ticket holders will receive an update from their ticket vendor. We will also update our website and social media channels with this information as soon as we possibly can. 

We hope everyone stays safe and enjoys a well deserved Xmas break. 
Many Thanks, Team Brudenell



First and foremost, be respectful to one another and considerate of others' wishes, especially around masks, distancing and other factors.

We fully understand that everyone will have differing views. It's been a difficult period for all, and this new transition will pose different challenges, including a ‘getting used to being in more crowded spaces and around others again’ period.

This isn't only for our customers, but also for our staff. 

Please be patient and supportive. Everyone will appreciate this.

The Brudenell is a unique space, with many differing faces and spaces.

Our venue serves many differing purposes to a wide range of people. Visitors, residents, and our whole local community. We are not just a music venue nor just a pub. Our policy, therefore, is driven around the view of personal responsibility for all, acting in common sense and in a very considerate way for others.

Here are our requests.



If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID or have been in close contact with someone who has a confirmed positive COVID test result, please do not come to a show or to the venue.

Please follow the latest NHS and government guidance, and furthermore get yourself tested!


Get vaccinated (if you are able to). 

We understand this is a personal venue view, but we do want to encourage it.

Take regular lateral flow tests, ideally both before and after coming to shows.

We will not be operating a 'certification passport' policy for a variety of reasons (ranging from ticketing terms to practicality & effectiveness) but would like to encourage this behaviour nonetheless.

We are encouraging and offering regular testing to our staff, too.


All our customer facing staff will be wearing masks. It's better for them and it's better for you. 

Please wear a mask if you are able to, we are absolutely encouraging this. 

That said, if you choose not to you won't be refused entry, but we'd ask that you respect other people's choices to do so. Don't judge others or enter protracted arguments, this will not be tolerated.

There will be masks available at the bar if you forget one or wish to use one throughout your visit.

BE KIND to one another!


Respect personal space. 

The Brudenell is has many areas besides the events rooms (lounge, outside patio, etc.) that means there is plenty of seating and space for everyone. 

Simply think of others, whether it be at a bar, toilet, or going to sit somewhere pre-show. 

Maybe ask those who you may be sitting near or moving closer to.

Be thoughtful of others.


We will continue to have a deep cleaning regime as well as hand sanitiser points around the venue, at the entrances and outside all toilets.

Please use these and wash your hands regularly.

We will continue to COVID fog regularly as an extra precautionary measure too.


In the main event rooms, and around the building generally, we will be leaving main front door entrances open to increase air flow and circulation.

We recognise the science on this, and that all mitigations help limit the potential spread. 

We have also invested in UV technology for the venue spaces. The system kills airborne pathogens (i.e viruses / bacteria, SARS-COVID-2, etc.). They are units that filtrate the air and clean surfaces. We realised investing in clean air technology, that will lead to a safer environment for all, is also an aid to futureproof the venue.

If you would like to learn more, just ask! 


This may be obvious, but we want to remind everyone to be kind and respectful to our staff. 

Please be patient. Remember it’s been a LONG TIME since full face-to-face service has happened, and therefore we just ask for your support and consideration.

We are all having to adapt to this 'newer normal'.


We have undertaken a risk assessment in line with latest guidance released and will be assessing options that may work for service, etc. This includes operating as a hybrid bar and app service (collection point, etc).

This is going to be a ‘learning journey’ for us all and we will adapt this along the way as we learn. 

The reality is like most music, event and hospitality spaces, we need the ability to open at full capacity at times in order to make it work.

Artists, promoters & sound engineers need these shows to happen.

Nonetheless we'll be doing everything that we can to ensure it's both fun and safe.

On the whole, we want our message to convey that there is a need for a level of personal responsibility, compassion and kindness for each other that essentially helps us all.

We appreciate your continued support.


Team Brudenell

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    Be Kind // Re-opening Statement

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    On the whole, we want our message to convey that there is a need for a level of personal responsibility, compassion and kindness for each other that essentially helps us all. We appreciate your continued support.

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