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Into It. Over It. & Sweet Pill

Co-Headline Show + Guests

Into It. Over It. - 

Into It. Over It. is an indie rock band founded in 2007 as the solo project of Chicago, Illinois-based musician Evan Thomas Weiss. It is considered a leading act of the early-2010s emo revival scene

Into It Over It isn't just a band; it's a soul-searching journey encapsulated in emotive melodies and raw lyricism. Led by the introspective troubadour Evan Thomas Weiss, their music serves as a sonic diary, chronicling the highs and lows of human experience with unfiltered honesty. With each strum of the guitar and every heartfelt lyric, Into It Over It invites listeners to delve deep into the complexities of life and emerge with a newfound understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Sweet Pill - 

Sweet Pill is an American emo band from Philadelphia, founded in 2019. The band consists of vocalist Zayna Youssef, guitarist Jayce Williams, guitarist Sean McCall, bassist Ryan Cullen, and drummer Chris Kearney.

The band originally formed at Rowan University in 2018 before immersing themselves in the Philly music scene, engaging with the local community through projects such as 4333 Collective, a show-promoting venture founded by Williams. Having played their very first show opening for Slaughter Beach, Dog, the group released a series of singles in 2019, the same year they got to perform at SXSW. Their debut LP, the aptly titled Where the Heart Is, has been in the works for a while, but finally arrived last week on Topshelf Records. It’s a riveting collection that skirts the line between emo, 2000s pop punk, and hardcore, invigorated as much by the infectiousness of classic Paramore as it is by the complexity of mathy guitar lines and highly technical flourishes. This stylistic blend not only makes the music more hard-hitting but also emotionally resonant: the record’s many dynamic shifts have a powerful way of mirroring the subject matter of the lyrics, which repeatedly confront cycles of hopelessness and anxiety. Sweet Pill’s response, though, is one of blistering defiance.
FFO: Joyce Manor / La Dispute / The Hotelier

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