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I've spun — physically and digitally — the A-side's "Backstab" (Transfixing Motherfucker by POWERSOLO) well over 200 times in 2022. Describing its brilliance would cost me too many words, so I'll just say that every time a Quentin Tarantino movie is made without this song soundtracking a fight scene, god kills a kitten. Your move, Q.T. -C.A. Coyle of The Inlander (Washington DC)

“Massive and mobile, revved-up and smirking wired manic relentlessness with polished precision musicianship and plenty of gratuitous sonic elegance and refinement within their genre-shifting role playing. But no matter what they try these guys can really make it come to life (..) So good it’s ridiculous!”

Dream Magazine “PowerSolo's opening set showed why Spencer would seek them out for support. Both its R&B/soul-punk and its two guitars and drums lineup are a nod to Spencer's Blues Explosion and their shared affection for hill-country blues. But frontman Kim 'Kix' Jeppesen has a much goofier stage presence than Spencer, opting for the facial tics, clucks and barks of a trailer trash psychobilly rather than the cool, swagger of Sun Records stars. Jeppesen engaged the crowd, often bringing his goofiness down from the stage.“ NBC4.com

“People were just losing their shit all around me, it was infectious. The charismatic frontman (Kim Kix) was totally playing to the crowd, giving a lot of shoutouts to "the ladies" and doing mini-windmills on his guitar. (..) At any rate, they are seriously talented musicians and the crowd was really having a great time at this show.” ThreeImaginaryGirls.com “Powersolo mixes punk, rockabilly and psychedelia into a stew of pure fun. (..) Crank this one up and take a road trip through the silly cities of your imagination.” Blog Critics Magazine

“Tunes about truckin,’ fuckin’, and NASCAR, mopey C&W, amphetamine-laced rockabilly, and a jewel- case picture of the band hanging off a tractor in the middle of a farm field. Where else could Powersolo call home than Aarhus, Denmark?” Illinois Entertainer

“To dismiss PowerSolo as pure goof rock is tempting. But it's impossible not to see something more in the band -- the group is the aural equivalent of that friend whose sense of humor is sometimes supremely embarrassing, but who's worth sticking with nonetheless. (..) there's something to this band that goes beyond the shtick and will likely gain a good bit of attention, with or without the goof factor.” Pittsburgh City Paper

“PowerSolo is Heavy Trash's out-of-control little brother, a trio that created their own genre of music called Donkey Punk; a combo of rockabilly, country, blues, and surf mixed with punk rock. And if this sound doesn't allow you to loosen up and deal with all the baloney in the world, have someone check you for a pulse.” Local vertical blog “Then they took the stage. Wow did they have energy. The music was rock/rockabilly/psych everything. Kim, the lead singer and a guitarist was amazing with his facial expressions and range of vocals. He would do this singing that almost sounded guttural, but was perfect for the song. He also loved to dance around the stage. The descriptions on the internets stating they are a great performance did not lie. My cheeks were hurting after awhile from smiling and laughing and just having fun.” Metroblogging Portland

Monday 26th February 2024

Price: £12.50 adv

Doors 19:30

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