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With the seismic shifts that have rolled out across the world over the past couple of years, The Rural Alberta Advantage (The RAA) has embarked on a distinctly divergent course for releasing their recent new music. An ongoing series of new songs and TheRise EP have been shared over the past couple of years with accompanying live shows across North America to support each release. A full length album from the trio will follow in the Fall 2023via Paper Bag/Saddle Creek Records.The RAA’s most recent single“Plague Dogs” was workshopped live over the band’s sold out Canadian tour through the Fall before returning home to record, and follows their continued efforts to record and release new music in real time. The song’s accompanying video features live performance footage from the band’s sold out hometown show at Danforth Music Hallin Toronto.WATCH “Plague Dogs” videohttps://youtu.be/xvaGLc8vVKUThe new single follows last year’s six-song collection The Rise EP which featured the single “CANDU” and garnered praise from Stereogum, Under the Radar, CBC Music,Exclaim, amongst others.“CANDU”is a rustic anthemic reply to a once-boomingNorthern settlement that was abruptly forgotten and the band's lament on the common connections that emerge when you’ve unknowingly tied your hopes to a sinking ship.“My mom's uncle worked up in UraniumCity, Saskatchewan in the late 70s/early 80s, when it was a small but very active mining settlement.”notes Nils“We went to visit and it was the first time I was everon aplane-as a young kid then, I'm not sure if the pictures in my mind now are real or just something from a dream. Candu was the local highschool and only open for a couple of years while the town was booming; it was abandoned like everything else after the mines abruptly closed in the early80s leaving most families stranded without work, and now sits completely vandalized. Growing up in a mining town myself, it's hard not to think about who or what would have remained formed if the jobs all suddenly dried up, and where my friends and I would have ended up.”The RAA's music connects usto untold stories and an unpacked history we all have apart in owning, reflecting on, learning from and possibly seeing from a different vantage point: the overview effect.The trio continue to bring their thundering drums, hammered keys, furious acoustics and crystalline harmonies back to the fans, as they continue to roadtest new music in the works.Expect to hear more new and yet-to-be-released songs make their live debut on this upcoming tour!“‘CANDU’ and ‘AB Bride’ find the Canadian trio in top form, bashing and rootsy andearnest.”–Stereogum“(The RAA) take their percussive indie rock to new heights on 'The Rise'”-Exclaim!“Evoking a particular place without sounding insincere or exclusive is a tricky balance,and the Rural Alberta Advantage has always been able to pinpoint the centre of gravity,building nostalgia and lore for a town even if you’ve never been.”-CBC Music

Wednesday 29th November 2023

Price: £16 adv

Doors 19:30

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