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Yorkshire Psychobilly Weekend

feat Demented Are Go + more

DEMENTED ARE GO  Insanity, insanity! Welcome back to DEMENTED ARE GO, “Welcome Back To Insanity Hall”! What is there to say about DEMENTED ARE GO that hasn’t already been said or invented? They are a band that has inflicted their twisted version of rock ‘n’ roll on the world for 3 decades, from the legendary Klub Foot via clubs, squats and festivals they have built up a loyal following of Psychobillies, Punks, Goths, Geeks and Freaks who just can’t get enough of DAG’s sound. Always a live act not to be missed    

LUCKY DEVILS In 1999, Ricky (Drums) and Phil (Guitar and vocals) met Vivien (Slap Bass) to form a band inspired by different styles of Rock inherited from the 50's 60's (Rock'n'Roll, Rockabilly, Surf, Garage etc.) and 80s (Neo-Rockabilly, Oldschool Psychobilly...). They blended into a unique style, kinda powerful R'n'R made up of a majority of originals by the band and covers that they play in their very strong but melodic style that's half way between Neo-Rockabilly and Psychobilly.


HENRY AND THE BLEEDERS   Bedford Town's finest raw rockin' quartet. Est 2004.

KINGS OF HONG KONG   Rock n Rolla!!! Trash merchants from hell!!!

MAD JACK AND THE HATTERS..  Born to entertain and give lessons in Rock'n'Roll

THE MIGHTY INTERCEPTORS Absolutely blistering Rock'n'Roll to start your Saturday. 

plus DJ ROCKIN' BONES to keep you entertained and trade stalls. 

Saturday 8th February 2020

Price: £22.50 adv

Doors 14:30

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