DJ Lubi X Tight Lines

Ferg's Imaginary Big Band

+ Ruby’s Sparkly Space Invader + The Mabgate Swingers Party + DJ Lubi

In the words of Cornelius Fudge upon the sight Voldemort, he’s back… 

You know who, it’s Fergus Quill with his Imaginary Big Band! After a stonking debut headline show at The Wardrobe and headlining Salemango 2019 in magnificently cosmic fashion, Ferg’s Imaginary Big Band are ballistically flying outside and beyond the echelons of the music industry, leaving nothing behind them but roofless venues and the smoke of space fire.

DJ Lubi and Tight Lines are confederating to provide a service stop at The Brudenell Social Club on the 13th of November. Here the band will yield the atmosphere and energies of the room to catalyse their journey on to the next point of the triangle.

Lubi and Tight Lines have appointed Ruby’s Sparkly Space Invaders and The Mabgate Swingers Party to assist in energy creation.

Ferg’s Imaginary Big Band

Ferg's Imaginary Big Band are a semi-fictional large ensemble noise machine whose primary aim is to rival Trump's proposed 'Space Force’.

With such a bold and noble quest ahead, commanderFergus Quill has assembled one of the most elite musical task forces our world has ever seen. Consisting of members from…Têtes de Pois,DULAHLI,Skwid Ink,Garde Dog,Necktr,The Mabgate Swingers Party,J Frisco,Jasmine,TC and The Groove Family,B-ahwe,Slow Loris,Mamilah,Eastgate Big Band,Sonic Blue,GROWtrio, Dixon, @HEV and Hey Fish, amongst many others.

The Big Band play rowdy and always huge sounding arrangements of an incredibly diverse selection of tunes from composers including Duke Ellington, Sun Ra, The Rajasthan Express and more. Fergus Quill and his band are on a mission to make Britain weird again.

Ruby’s Sparkly Space Invaders

The Mabgate Swingers Party

The Mabgate Swingers Party are bringing jazz back to the party. Jazz was invented for dancing and that's the way they want to keep it! Taking influence from New Orleans jazz, Kansas City swing and all the big band greats, this young energetic septet will turn any night into one worth remembering and leave you wondering what made you ever think Jazz was boring.

Wednesday 13th November 2019

Price: £5 adv

Doors 19:30

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