Brudenell Piano Sessions

Piano Sessions

Garreth Broke + Nel Begley + Theo Alexander + Hosted & opened by Simeon Walker

Garreth Broke

Garreth is a pianist and composer from Wales in the UK. Although trained to play classical piano, he developed an interest in writing his own music from an early age, initially to avoid practicing what he was supposed to, but increasingly it became a way of escaping from the crisis that enveloped his family when his severely depressed mother attempted suicide.

Now heavily involved in the contemporary classical scene, Garreth regularly releases music with 1631 Recordings / Decca and runs the charity sheet music project Upright Editions, a collaboration with many other artists including big names like Michael Price, Oscar Schuster, and Danny Mulhern as well as rising stars like Simeon Walker, Sergio Díaz de Rojas and Philip Daniel.

Garreth's new album Healing, a collaboration with the German contemporary artist Anna Salzmann, will be released by 1631 Recordings / Decca in October 2019. A musical response to 11 abstract art pieces by Salzmann, the pieces that make up Healing are by turns tender, melancholy and ultimately redemptive. Designed to be performed live with an accompanying art projection featuring the 11 art pieces, the Healing album is unique, innovative and profoundly moving.

The Healing project is one of several collaborations with Salzmann, including 2019's uplifting Dance EP, 2017's acclaimed album Another Turn: Collected EPs, and 2016's Coping Mechanism, aheart-breaking exploration of the complex grief after losing a loved one to suicide.

"Garreth has an irresistible power to create unique moments in music" - Sonoroscape

"Lovely... genuinely uplifting" - Stationary Travels

"A joy to keep up with" - Piano & Coffee Co.




Nel Begley

Composer and vocalist Nel Begley's aim is to find truth and connection though music. Currently performing within a number of projects that focus on jazz and improvisation and and encouraging others to find freedom through teaching and leading workshops.

This recent solo venture is a chance to share her songs as purely and naked as they were written.



Theo Alexander

Theo Alexander is a composer and pianist from London, UK whose work melds the melodic sensibilities of contemporaries such as Peter Broderick and Nico Muhly with the rich textures of Grouper and William Basinski. 

Theo utilises a cassette four-track to create intricate loops that are manipulated alongside the piano, an approach that channels 20th century minimalism and contemporary drone music at the same time. Having played in noise and doom metal bands in the early 2000s, Theo began composing seriously in 2015 and self-released five albums over three years that ranged from piano improvisations, to tape loop experiments, to atmospheric string ensembles and haunting minimalist compositions.




Simeon Walker

Following a decade working as a musician, UK-based pianist & composer Simeon Walker has quickly emerged as a leading light in the burgeoning Modern Classical scene in his own right, following the release of his first EP Preface and his debut full length album ‘Mono’. 

In addition to founding, curating and hosting Brudenell Piano Sessions, he has performed extensively across the UK and on tour in Europe, most notably at Latitude Festival & Q3Ambientfest. He has received substantial radio airplay across BBC Radio 3 & 6Music, collaborated with numerous musicians and performers around the world and is currently working on a follow-up album.

Walker’s calm, introspective piano instrumentals invite the listener to find stillness and beauty as much in the spaces between the notes as the notes themselves, as musical stories are woven with each tender, intimate performance

Sunday 22nd September 2019

Price: Pay As You Feel

Doors 19:30

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