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“Nothing short of splendorious” – NME

“The buzz has spread far and wide. We are wholeheartedly impressed” – Drowned In Sound


“Something tuneful and great” – The Guardian

"The Breeders are reincarnated via Tokyo with feedback and gossamer female vocals" – The Times 


Critically acclaimed Japanese indie-pop four piece Taffy return this year with their fifth studio album, ‘Deep Dark Creep Love’, released July 5thwith London’s premiere shoegaze and psych-rock record label Club AC30, who’ve enjoyed recent success with the likes of Pinkshinyultrablast, Black Doldrums and Is Bliss.  

‘Deep Dark Creep Love’ encapsulates the bands infectious, melodic take on the noise-pop genre, with a greater emphasis on big choruses and backing vocals than their previous work. The material has honed in on that classic Taffy contrast which is musically light but delves into dark places vocally. In tone it feels softer, but effortlessly dips into tracks such as ‘The Bates’, based on Psycho’s infamous lead and his sinister relationship with his mother. 

They’ve also recruited new guitarist Nao who’s effectively built on the bands atmospheric guitar work and textured shoegaze sound. The LP masterfully showcases their renowned dreamy, sugar-sweet inflections, underpinned by Graham Coxon-esque 90’s guitar riffs. A swirl of transcendental melodies, tracks such as ‘Sunless Echo’ and lead single ‘She&She’ are reverb-drenched, held in line by a solid and at times refrained rhythm section. Iris’s unmistakable vocal backed with beautiful, psychedelic soundscapes. The latter also tackles one of the bands more emotionally raw subjects;

“She&She is a song about being loved very much but you know somewhere in your heart that it could fall apart easily” Iris tells us, “When you’re good at being loved, whether intentionally or unintentionally, you also know there comes a time that it falls apart. When you stop being the person they imagine you are.”

With sensibilities reminiscent of Elastica and The Stone Roses, Taffyhave always been inspired by the works of British artists and shown that appreciation by covering them, and on ‘Deep Dark Creep Love’ they decided to continue that tradition by playing homage to one of their favourites; ‘Never Let Me Down’ by David Bowie. 

At its heart, it’s a record about love. Whether it’s new, old, romantic or platonic, it’s about love for the people and things around you, both a love-letter to their fans, as well as a deeply personal insight into romance. 

Sunday 7th July 2019



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