British Wildlife Festival 2019 with...


+ Ghold + Irk + Cattle + Magic Mountain + MORE

A festival for the ageing rocker is born, now with added food by the delicious OWT chaps from down the market! If you know said promoter he'd love to see you down the front, it would mean a lot to him!

Do what you want in the morning, then get ready for a musical and actual feast.

He has booked the following bands for the afternoon leading into the evening for your eyes and ears, what a great day this truly is...


Chicago’s Oozing Wound are a mass of contradictions: weed lovers whose music hits you with its breakneck head-banging force. The band deal with nihilism, yet remain addictively fun. Their music is equal parts sludge and thrash, noise and riff-loaded rock. Their latest offering, High Anxiety is an unabashed mocking of the madness of modern living, its chemical-induced adventures and establishment absurdity, deriding the industrial complex behind established institutions such as NASA while savaging those who deny science. Oozing Wound on High Anxiety are nihilistic pied pipers making us laugh our way to the apocalypse. The album finds guitarist and vocalist Zack Weil drummer Kyle Reynolds and bassist Kevin Cribbin blending their ferocious energy, sonic experiments and blunt lyricism for a pummeling enjoyable head-banger with an irresistible sneer.

Oozing Wound emerged from the underground noise warehouse scene. They were not only active in bands on the scene, but Kyle‘s own Rotted Tooth Recordings was home to many of its most successful artists (a pre-curser to Chicago labels like Hausu Mountain). Kevin lives in and runs an essential and legendary space, “Situations,” home of the city’s most adventurous shows and a mainstay for many touring bands to play in Chicago. It was through this and their screen-printing activities that they connected with noise pioneers like Lightning Bolt. Oozing Wound came to be on Thrill Jockey after sharing a bill with Brian Chippendale’s Black Pus.


From Leeds and Oxford originally, Al Wilson and Paul Antony formed GHOLD in 2012 in Brixton, London. The, then duo, wrote and rehearsed and wrote a total of three full records (Judas Goat, Galactic Hiss, Of Ruin) in a disused bathroom/toilet in their shared flat- amps stacked high in the bath, drums shells spread around the toilet bowl. They gained local notoriety and respect throughout the local underground noise and metal scene for their progressive approach to the gnarled weirdness that has come to describe them. GHOLD are unrelentingly committed to bringing their ethos of dizzying noise and chaos to the masses.

On November 1st 2017 GHOLD released their forth album 'STOIC' in collaboration with London record shop 'Crypt of the Wizard Records' to high acclaim.

The trio have been consistently whipping up a sonic flurry of uneasy accross Europe, this year and last, and are set to release an exclusive stream only EP March 2019.


Cattle are another one of my ‘stumble upon’ finds courtesy of the Facebook page Noise Rock Now. Formed in 2012, Cattle have released one EP and shared a stage with the likes of True Widow, the Intelligence, Zeus, Dalek and Yak. Their latest release Nature’s Champion is a seven track compendium of unbearable noise and anguished vocals. Lovely.

Cattle are spoilt with having two drummers, bass, vocals and some selected electronics. That’s it. Wot no guitar? Yep. And the lack of guitar is just one of the reasons why I love Cattle. - Louder Than War


Sometimes a band is greater than the sum of its parts. Leeds math-rock outfit Irk are Jack Gordon on vocals, Ed Snell on bass and Matt Deamer on drums, but the brutal and abrasive music they craft feels like there were many more hands at the pump. But this is the beauty of Irk. Since they emerged in 2014 with their gloriously abrasive debut EP Bread and Honey they felt like a breath of fresh air. This was followed with a split EP with doom quartet Wren. Their sound have evolved but still retained that initial blast of visceral power that makes audiences, live and at home, take notice. Then, as usually happens, they went quiet. Some feared their demise, but earlier this year they started releasing new material. These new songs were culled from Irk’s debut album Recipes from the Bible, which is 40 minutes of math/shronk excellence.


Magick Mountain sees guitarist Lins Wilson step out of the sidelines of a plethora of bands including Grammatics & Mother Vulpine, to lead this fuzzy, melodic, garage-rock band. Joining her in creating hard-hitting tunes with psychedelic undertones are Tom Hudson (Pulled Apart By Horses) and Nestor Matthews (Sky Larkin, Menace Beach). Magick Mountain was formed in 2016, after a few years spent tentatively dreaming it up alongside their other bands - Tom and Lins first played together in 2005 as Mother Vulpine, when Lins was also playing with Nestor in Sky Larkin. They have been entwined in the Leeds Music Scene together ever since and finally the stars aligned, to form Magick Mountain. Their debut single, 'Zodiac', was recorded in June 2017 by Robert John Lee (of Pulled Apart By Horses) and released via Come Play With Me, gaining airplay from Huw Stephens (Radio 1) and Gideon Coe (BBC6 Music). The two singers vocals combine to evoke a vague tale of never-ending time and space. In just two and a half minutes, it's a dizzying kick to the stomach, a song that carves out their sound and place in a new movement of garage-rock bands and a taster for what's to come from their debut album set for release in 2019. Magick Mountain have been gigging around the UK, including support for Meatbodies, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Levitation Room, Traams, My Vitriol and The Cribs.


Godspeed you! Peter Andre …. A new gothic duo set to collide the world of pop royalty with deep dark witch music. Magic realms built by Kaskie (Death of Money / SVNTREADER) & Emma Thompson (Water / Fat Out). 

"At the same time, something even darker is transpiring, delivered by the duo known as Godspeed You! Peter Andre. The black-clad room already packed out as the duo begin the flood the space with ominous chanting, creating a claustrophobic atmosphere of dense fog not unlike This Mortal Coil or the more gothic, experimental edge of the 4AD record label, with digitally-altered voices sounding demonic with repeated cries and screams equally parts commanding and pleading. Suddenly, the jackhammer beats take over, and Godspeed You! Peter Andre coalesce into a Downward Spiral-era Nine Inch Nails mesh of organic decay and technology-assisted power, dominating the stage and leading the crowd into dance." 
BAG THING on performance at Sounds from the Other City 2018


How about this: New 80’s goth-infused hardcore/thrash crossover featuring some familiar faces from Leeds punk favourites of the past few years (Human Certainty, Lugubrious Children, Cheap Surgery etc). Fist pumping metal, but with none of the embarrassing machismo and body odour, nor the tacky irony and hipster detachment. Imagine ‘Holy Diver’ played through an obnoxious number of chorus pedals. 

Saturday 30th March 2019

Price: £10 adv / £14 adv (w/ food)

Doors 17:00

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