British Wildlife's Family Reunion

Thomas Truax

+ Beige Palace + Wormboys + Open

This show is a fundraiser for Silent Front & Bruxa Maria who were involved in a horrendous van accident in France earlier this month.

I'm getting nostalgic in my old age but what can you do!

British Wildlife was a 'medium lived' 'promotions thing' doing DIY shows from January 2006 until 2016 and it will just not fucking die, but since it has been a considerable amount of time since the last show (almost 2 years) i have decided to resurrect the beast and celebrate with friends and family one more time....

So Sunday 4th Feb 2018 it's 
British Wildlife's Family Reunion
A semi all dayer (some would say half dayer) starting at 5pm with a load of bloody bands starring...

Thomas Truax
One man and a robotic band built by Mr Truax himself, you must check him out if you havent seen him before!

Hank Haint & The Sonic Heartbreakers
Hanks full band in effect! 

Sunday 4th February 2018

Price: £5 advance (+stbf)

Doors 17:00

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