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Marina Celeste


Her head in the clouds, a pen or paintbrush in her hand, 
she has always written and composed her own songs, drawn and hummed her way through life. The death of her father in her early childhood imprinted upon her the precariousness and preciousness of life. The urgency to appreciate the everyday.
Attracted by Art, fascinated by Music. She left her studies of Law (completely finished...) and turn her totally into and for Music, her way to live for creation.
Acidulé came out in 2005 in Japan and in 2007 in Europe, while Marina was bang in the middle of the Nouvelle Vague tour. Acidulé was well received by the press (L'Express, Marie-Claire, Vsd, À Nous Paris, Open Mag...) and sold 10,000 copies. Success for the trial run. From there, Marina Céleste began to perform abroad where she was invited to play her own material, under her own name – Moscow, St Petersburg, Amsterdam, Iserlhon (Germany), Brighton, London...
__ "Her unforced voice has the nonchalance of a summer caress and the sweetness of a forbidden fruit" Marie-Claire__
The visionary Marc Collin picked up in Marina's voice a filmic dimension, the capacity to express an exceptionally wide range of feeling, and proposed the idea of her recording a second album, Cinéma Enchanté, in which Marina performs a collection of elegant renditions of the most beautiful songs from 1960s French cinema. 
He judged well: somewhere between Anna Karina and Marilyn Monroe, Marina has the physique and beauty of the 1950s and 1960s: elfin or doll like; child woman or femme fatale.

Thursday 3rd March 2016


Doors 19:30

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