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What a whopper of a lineup!


Not since Evil Superstars helpfully informed us that 'Satan Is In My Ass' has such a maelstrom of malevolence erupted from Belgium. The phonetically and evocatively titled Raketkanon are the captains of a noise that lurches like the peaks and troughs of an angry North Sea.

Being endorsed and engineered by Steve Albini sadly does not always offer a guarantee on quality, though one given is that he will capture the spirit of a band playing live. While many of his recordings have featured crisp readings of the rhythm section and cathartic vocal yelps, this second Raketkanon album is an altogether different proposition. There is nothing sparse about RKTKN #2. This is truly viscose stuff, like an oil spill spewing from the heightened gag reflex of a world turned bad.

The Jesus Lizard song 'Boilermaker' offers lyrics that could be metaphorical for this whole album: "In molasses, a fly in molasses, nasty stick shit holds it down". The black gloop of the opening three songs is all enveloping. Imagine if a bar-room bating Boyd Rice was playing synth for Brainiac, or if erstwhile Touch & Go band Enon made a cover album of The Terror by The Flaming Lips to give them a taste of their own medicine, and you may be somewhere close to the cyclic seasickness contained on RKTKN #2.

Fat Goth

Fat Goth have released their third album, One Hundred Percent Suave, via Hefty Dafty. Following on from where their last album Stud left us, One Hundred Percent Suave explores the theme of sex and its pros and cons but, in the band’s trademark tongue-in-cheek, uncompromising style.

Super Luxury

Super Luxury are a DIY Stadium Rock band from Leeds. Expect a raucous performance and perhaps a gimmick or two.

Friday 20th November 2015


Doors 19:30

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