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+ Joanne + Black Gorgon

NAH (US / Noise-Hop)

NAH is a producer/drummer currently located in Philadelphia, PA. Blending live and programmed drums with off-kilter electronic elements, found sounds, and heavily manipulated samples. NAH produces anxiety-laden beats and sound collages with firm roots planted in DIY punk, noise, avant jazz, and the restlessness of 1990s NYC hip-hop. Latest release 'Light As Fuck' is available now from bandcamp for free download and features a guest appearances from fellow noise-punk merchants Ho99o9.

Joanne (Live / Algorave)

Joanne is a local musician who forms part of a growing movement known as live coding. There’s an impressive dexterity, shifting between frantic typing to literally livecode software to form sounds from the text, and shredding on analogue synths. Her music varies from the abstract and experimental to more harmonic and 707 jacking material, with a rare but seemingly effortless ability to humanise her machines.
"The potential for code as an alternative to the keyboard / pad / control interface was really exciting for me as a computationally inclined woman. It also worked to give an improved range of control and flexibility in terms of improvisation and manipulating the temporal and timbral behaviours of sound."

Black Gorgon

Black Gorgon is a one-man noisy nonsense machine playing "modern pop music", born in Leeds' very own noisy DIY melting pot CHUNK. Like an out of shape Zach Hill, or an unfit Brian Chippendale, Black Gorgon plays frantic mathy drums and howls garbled improvised vocals along with pre-begotten basslines synthesised on out-of-date European guitar tutoring software. As grippingly enthralling as it is forgettable. A bit silly, really.

Wednesday 11th November 2015

Price: £5 advance (+stbf)

Doors 19:30

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