Midnight Mango presents...

The Selecter

(featuring Pauline Black and Gaps Hendrickson) - plus guest support from TALISMAN

It's been 2 years since pop/ska/2-tone legends The Selecter reunited to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of their best-selling album 'Too Much Pressure', which featured the classic hits 'On My Radio', 'Missing Words', 'Three Minute Hero' & 'The Whisper'. During that time, the band continued touring in UK & Europe, re-building thier fanbase and garnering excellent reviews. Not content just to rest on their heritage status, they wanted to say something about current times.

The 2-Tone ethos, so strong in their past, was pushed further in the recording studio encompassing a new theme- multiculturalism- on their critically acclaimed album 'Made In Britain, released in 2012 and the guiding spirit of their 20 date March 2012 tour. An immediate re-connection with their core audience was made and enjoyed. The Selecter played not only to the 2-Tone faithful, but new fans coming on board for the first time, eager to embrace this new inclusive spin on 2-Tone ideas

In November 2012, The Selecter went international with their first tour of Australia. Fresh from their anitpodean exploits, their 20 date 'String Theory UK Tour' in March 2013 promises to consolidate their hsrd work and fresh-thinking, connecting their past, present and future, before they head off to America the following month for major festival appearance.

The tour will be supported by a new studio album, 'String Theory', a collection of 10 new songs, all of which connect with their past while saying something about today.

Recording began on String Theory immediately in the aftermath of their 'Made In Britain Tour 2012', with Producer/engineer Neil Pyzer once again at the helm. Many of the new songs beg to be played live and will get an outing on the 'String Theory Tour 2013', alongside the band's classic back catalogue. S'tring Theory' is due for release in Feb 2013 on Vocaphone Records.

String Theory will be available via iTunes, Amazon & Cd Baby.com, but most importantly at their shows, where lead singers Pauline Black and Gaps Hendrickson are always proud to get out in the foyer, both beofre and after the show, to meet their fans, sell their album, discuss the direction of their music and most importantly seek to connect with those who have supported them through many turbulent musical years. Fans are often surprised to see such 'hands on' action from a band with such a long legacy, but they believe that it is the only way to follow the invisible string that links their ideas and work.

The Selecter are both tied to and very proud of thier past, to the acknowldegement of 2-Tone and all that it meant to their fans, but they continue to look forward into an unknown future, safe in the knowledge that a common thread runs through their work, which will never be severed. How long is a piece of a string? As far as The Selecter needs to carry on the discussion about our changing world in which racism and sexism should have no place.

Friday 29th March 2013

Price: £15.00 advance

Doors: 19:30

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