Warp Films presents....

Trash Humpers

(directed by Harmony Korine, Warp Films) + guest band

Warp Films (Dead Mans Shoes, This is England, Four Lions) , brings a Special, Shocking and Unique event to Leeds and the Brudenell for one night only.A special event screening of the new 'Harmony Korine' feature TRASH HUMPERS, this show will be shown throughout the room on various old school VCR's and tv's, and also on a big screen and through gig PA to provide a unique full effect audio. There will also be a guest band playing after the performance.Be Prepared... Trash Humpers isnt for the prude or faint hearted.


Official Website and Trailor

Trash Humpers is the cinematic equivalent of listening to black metal - Guardian

Its a fearless soul that makes a film like Trash Humpers - Little White Lies

'like no film you have seen before' The Times

'riveting beyond all rationality - Variety

Warp Films and Alcove Entertainment are set to release Harmony Korines TRASH HUMPERS. The film will be shown at the ICA from 18 June, hitting Leeds, Brudenell on 31st August, followed by screenings in cinemas, galleries, music festivals and adult cinemas prior to the DVD release on 20 September.A limited VHS edition will also be released, each one individually customized by Harmony Korine.

An O Salvation and Alcove Entertainment production, TRASH HUMPERS follows a small gang of sinister elderly peeping toms through the shadows of a nightmarishly familiar suburban landscape. Their shocking and sociopathic behaviour makes for unbearably compelling viewing that scorches itself onto the minds eye.

Married with a child, and now residing in his native Nashville, cinematic provocateur Harmony Korine shows no signs of settling down. Hailed as the future of American cinema by Werner Herzog, writer/ director Korine has blazed a trail with his consistently idiosyncratic output, including KIDS, GUMMO, JULIEN DONKEY-BOY and MISTER LONELY. TRASH HUMPERS sees him return to the big screen with an excoriating attack on the American Dream. A lo-fi production of white-heat intensity, Korine calls it, a new type of horror; palpable and raw.

Tuesday 31st August 2010

Price: £5 advance

Doors: 19:50

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