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This is an unusually long post but I would appreciate you all reading it in its entirety as it’s essential that on behalf of the UK Subs I set out our present position in full…

It’s with a heavy heart that I have to report from UK Subs’ HQ that our forthcoming UK Spring tour running from April 9th to May 10th is to be rescheduled for next year, on or around April 1st to May 2nd 2021. There are two equally important reasons for this decision. Our dear friend and comrade in Punk, Charlie Harper, is about to reach the age of 76 and with his underlying health issues would be a prime candidate for the worse possible outcome if he was to be infected with the Corona virus during this touring cycle. He has also acquired a respiratory problem whilst recently touring Europe (not Corona related) that has persisted and is presently on his second course of antibiotics. It would be sheer madness to risk his health and life in such circumstances as all the indicators are the pandemic will become far more widespread with significantly greater numbers of people being infected over the next few months and, very possibly, for far longer. This is something Jamie, Steve, Charlie’s wife Yuko and I have concluded after discussions together, as well as with Charlie himself.

The second equally valid reason is that we do not want to be responsible for the spread and thereafter the possible consequences to people’s health and wellbeing of this new and virulent virus strain by gathering people together in our name. As Charlie said to me just a couple of days ago ‘It’s not only about me Alvin, it’s about everybody else and those who come to see us putting themselves in danger of getting the virus if we go ahead with this’. We are all in agreement with Charlie’s point of view and believe it’s now time to be conscientious and concerned about others rather than some macho posturing and the deluded idea that just because you play in a band you are somehow exempt from the laws of biology and have no duty of care or consideration to your audience. This is a virus that doesn’t give a damn about your social or scene status and although most of those infected will develop no more than flu-like symptoms, if they in turn unintentionally infect their elderly parents, grandparents, the old lady or elderly fella next door, younger people with respiratory illnesses, or diabetes, or heart problems, or young children, the outcome could very well be deadly serious for these categories of vulnerable people – and it can take up to a week for the flu-like symptoms to develop post virus acquisition when, during this seemingly healthy period, you are still able to pass on the virus to others – this what I mean by ‘unintentionally infect’.

You all know the touring culture of the UK Subs. We are perhaps the hardest working Punk rock outfit there is, playing more shows and embarking on more tours per year than just about any other band in the genre. It’s not in our DNA to postpone tours and we are very sad and apologetic in having to do so. We are all too aware that people have already made plans, booked hotels and travel tickets and were looking forward to seeing the band play live again in the forthcoming months. The band was equally eager to perform for you all and we unreservedly apologise for the disappointment and the unravelling of plans and travel arrangements this postponement will produce. We too are greatly affected. Being a professional outfit that relies on touring for its income we will be losing a considerable amount of money in concert fees and merchandise sales, plus we’d already booked non-refundable hotels and, living in France, I have personally paid out for non-refundable return train tickets to Paris and return tickets on Eurostar from Paris to London specifically for this tour. There is no statutory sick pay for us and no means of financial support during this indeterminate length of time until it’s again rational to get back to gigging and earning. But we believe there are more important things at stake at present than money, and that people’s health and wellbeing should take precedent over economic considerations.

Over the next couple of weeks the UK may well follow the examples of Italy, Spain and other European countries in closing bars, restaurants, clubs, theatres, and other places where people gather as well as compelling people to remain in their homes, allowing only brief trips to chemists or food vendors. My adopted country of France has already implemented all these measures, instigated a blanket ban on internal travel apart from essential workers (doctors, nurses, etc) and has closed the borders so although it is still possible to leave the nation, unless you’re a French national you cannot return. I now even have to download, print and fill in a government form before leaving my house on each occasion to explain why I need to venture outside, or face a fine if challenged by the gendarmes. Obviously, getting to the UK to play with the Subs is therefore no longer an option for me. Consequently, I have no choice but to also postpone and later reschedule the five shows I was due to play in the UK in May with the Disobedient Servants. Charlie is likewise rescheduling his May solo gigs for later dates. We will be giving regular updates on how those who have already purchased tickets will be able to reuse them for the rescheduled tour and these solo gigs. 

Strange days indeed, but we need to accept and accordingly react to the reality of the present situation rather than irrationally expect reality to change for our own convenience and pleasure. If we look after each other and show consideration and common sense towards our fellow citizens as an act of solidarity, things will return to normality sooner rather than later; at which point the UK Subs will return to entertain you in the manner you’re accustomed to, playing loud and proud Punk rock music around the world and ever ready to chat and share a beer with you at the bar. For now though, stay safe, stay healthy and we will see you all again when this loathsome pandemic has run its course.

Alvin Gibbs, on behalf of Charlie and Yuko Harper, Stephen Straughan and Jamie Oliver – collectively known as the UK Subs.

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Friday 24th April 2020

Price: £13 adv

Doors 19:30

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