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The Lovely Eggs - sold out

+ Dog Daisies + Mark Wynn

The Lovely Eggs

Hot on the heels of their rammed and raucous Autumn tour, Northern psychedelic punks The Lovely Eggs announce their next series of live dates for February ahead of their forthcoming album This Is Eggland (out 23 February on Egg Records). The Lovely Eggs are one of the most unique, innovative and genuine bands on the British Underground music scene. Setting themselves apart from the mainstream, they've built up a cult following which is due to blow wide open with their mild-melting new album,produced by  Flaming Lips/ Mercury Rev producer, Dave Fridmann. You can sample what's in store with their brand new single, "I Shouldn't Have Said That", which is out now.

Dog Daisies

Dog Daisies is a widescreen lo-fi indie-pop project based around the home-studio adventures of Lancastrian songwriter Stephen Hudson. Inspired by motorways, midnight walks, 80's films and the Lancashire coast, Dog Daisies released the debut LP Eagletism at the end of 2019 to glowing press reviews and repeated airplay on BBC 6 Music.

Described as ‘Stand by Me put to music and set on a motorway’, it is a record brimming with imagination and melody; it touches on themes of time-travel and the great outdoors whilst inviting comparisons to bands like Grandaddy, Guided by Voices and Mercury Rev. Eagletism follows a string of memorable EP releases on the Sheffield-based Bingo Records; ranging from the alt-rock escapism of A River Runs Through It, to the melancholy, phone-recorded “Nebraska meets The Beta Band” companion EPs An Inland Voyage Pts.1 & 2.

Dog Daisies have shared stages with musicians such as: Rozi Plain, Seazoo, The Wave Pictures, Tiny Ruins, Mr Ben & the Bens and Mammoth Penguins and they have performed live in session for Marc Riley, an early champion of their music. 

Mark Wynn

Introverted exhibitionist stick, Mark Wynn, is not no longer a cleaner, but he does keep his hand in the register is being called later and you are late for it. In Truth, the album by Jeff Beck, he is holding out for that point in the future when all the rubbish will probably be online by then anyway.

With this in mind, it is potentially polite to assume that York’s one and only revolving dancefloor,Mark Wynn, probably still has the boogie, yet is reluctant to be out with it. The Lovely Eggs, on the other hand, haven’t much truck with these kinds of probabilities and have asked him straight up the email to do it. This is written so the people will know what to expect. 

The people are to expect what their expectations tell them, and their previous understandings may be of use. Mark Wynn is expecting to perform to a standard he can no longer attain, what with the hours available to him now to practise pretending that he doesn’t. Mark Wynn expects to turn up. He does not wish to carry home the records he has brung with him to go in your houses.

Recently, he has been looking at the promotion of the institutions that are larger than is his small operation. The institutions saying is that the collective people are individuals and that they can, they am, and they know who they are. Mark Wynn knows who he is probably a collective, and has spent some-much time pretending to be other people.

Mainly he has been building up to supporting people who need support. A few years ago he supported Sleaford Mods for a large amount of money without much problem at the border; at present he is supporting a number of men in their latter years who cannot do what he can help them with on account of a number of things attributable to age for less.

What this all means is that when he was younger the Mark Wynn wanted to be a dead junkie guitar player and then he wanted to be a cowboy. But he was a bad cowboy, because cowboys do not come from York and fill their Mother’s loft with recordings of themselves trying to be a dead man from Prestwich.

In short, the Mark Wynn, distracted off his email by who is dead now, has been asked off The Lovely Eggs to come stand the dance he does, in the space and time before they go on stage, ten times in a row. In order to achieve this, Mark Wynn has asked for his holiday off the people make the form disappears once you make your request so you worry you even sent it in the first place.

Further information is that the Mark Wynn is from York - which is in the North of England - which is the midlands of the UK. He does not do the boogie like he used to, but it is still the boogie what he does he says. What he does he says. He says he is coming to all the dates to make the racket before the Lovely Eggs and after the band before. He does not know what it is going to be like, but it will probably make his tax return a little longer next January.

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Friday 10th April 2020


Doors 19:30

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