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Ancient Infinity Orchestra

'River Of Light' (Gondwana Records) Album Launch Party

Ancient Infinity Orchestra is the 14-member jazz ensemble led by double-bassist and composer Ozzy Moysey which is based in the bustling creative city of Leeds in the North of England – home to one of the most innovative and community-based jazz scenes in the UK. The rotating line-up includes drums, two bassists, keyboards, harp, violin, cello, two tenors, alto, oboe, flute and percussion. Formed in 2018, they've built up a strong following in the city with their exciting live shows. Now, their profile is about to blow up beyond Leeds as they release their new album on one of the top jazz labels in the UK today - Gondwana Records - founded and owned by  UK jazz musician/bandleader/producer Matthew Halsall.

Their Gondwana Records debut ‘River of Light’ is out on 17th November and drinks deep from the well of spiritual jazz. The music is especially inspired by the soulful sounds of Pharoah Sanders, Alice and John Coltrane – all of whom are mentioned in the brilliant track ‘Pharoah Sings’ – but also channels a certain Northern sensibility that can be heard in the music of Matthew Halsall or Alabaster de Plume. Melodic, warm and honest, this is music that is happy to wear its heart on its sleeve.

This is also communal music made by friends, which offers a celebration of togetherness and of music-making. It’s confidently deep music, moving and meditative, and Ozzy draws on philosophy and nature as well as musical inspirations to foster a focus on giving and sharing beautiful things with one another and with the listener.

‘River of Light’ was recorded over three days and the collective were joined by a choir of over a dozen friends from Brighton, UK adding a further joyous layer to the beautiful music. But this was more than just a recording, the musicians made food for each other, hung out together and exalted in the moment. Ozzy explains:

“It was a joyous three days of recording together with the Leeds based band of 14, combined with a similar sized choir of friends from Brighton joining us. Seeing them meet for the first time and witnessing their incredible dedication and passion for music together, there was such a wholesome atmosphere that was so fun to be a part of. Members of the choir cooked for over 30 people each day, descending, each morning, on mass, to the studio and melting together in the heat of the height of summer. Between tracks, the band jammed in the corridors, sat in the sun and laughed a lot. The atmosphere of all these people meeting in the heat of summer, eating, laughing and creating something together - really shines through on these recordings.”

This is a jazz club style seated show with tables and chairs and a limited capacity of 150. Book in advance to guarantee a seat.


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Tuesday 5th December 2023

Price: £12.00 / £10.00 Stu. Adv. (stbf)

Doors 19:30

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